Thursday, September 23, 2010


Been a little busy the past few months, of course, with Rachael's and my beautiful son Caleb. He has been a lot of work but also a great joy. Rachael took a year off of work and brought all of her teaching material home and we needed storage. So, in the midst of trying to keep my job, while catching up on some sleep I was able to build some closet shelving and a built in bookshelf. Building the shelving and the built in bookshelf was pretty straight forward and I use MDF boards for the material. The time consuming part was caulking, puttying and painting the shelves. Rachael would have like a little more of my time during that process. Overall, this turned out fairly well, and I even was able to add crown moulding to all of the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs. Also, I have to give a thanks to a coworker Jose who built the doors for me. Below are some pics of my process of making the built-in bookshelves.
Dead space - good candidate for a bookshelf

Bookshelf built - done with the easy part
Put up the rest of the crown molding. After caulking put on the primer
Done painting
Put on the doors
Painted the doors

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Mary said...

I love it, looks very nice. I guess you painted the walls too!It looks so nice! Clean and cheery! Great job Matt! Maybe you guys could come spend a couple of weeks at our house : ).