Wednesday, October 1, 2008

John Adams by David McCollough

I recently finished reading a biography, John Adams, written by David McCullough. A great read! David McCullough relied heavily on John Adam's letter correspondances between his noble wife Abigail, Congress, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Rush, and many other notable figures in American history. The book follows John Adams birth, to his work as a lawyer, to his work with the First and Second Congress to gain independence from Brittain, to his work as an ambassador to France, the Netherlands, and Brittain, and then his Vice-Presidency, and Presidency, to his death. It is a completely candid book illustrating the strengths and weakness of the U.S. founding fathers; Thomas Jefferson’s shopping problems, Ben Franklin’s laziness and fondness for the comforts of life, and John Adams independent and honest, yet stubborn, spirit. I found this book to be an eye opener and learned so much, good and bad, about the timeline and history of the independence of our country. David McCullough gives a detail timeline of John Adams and his vast role in American history that flowed well and covered all emotions. I highly recommend this book.