Saturday, November 7, 2009


I am watching the Nebraska vs. OU game while I am writing this. This is my outlet as I am extremely frustrated with the number of penalties by the Nebraska offense and special teams. I think I saw 4 penalties in 7 plays. I am just fuming. This has been a reoccuring theme...see NU vs. Va Tech. Why can't the Nebraska coaches and players learn from their mistakes??

On a similar note...I went to the Nebraska vs. Baylor game last week and was completely amused by the personal foul given to Ndamukong Suh for tackling the Baylor quarterback. The call was charged to #95 (Pierre Allen) of Nebraska for roughing the passer after the play was dead, even though Suh was the one who tackled the quarterback before the whistle was blown. Good call ref. I think they have never seen a quarterback thrown down like that and had to make up something.

I feel better now.

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