Thursday, August 6, 2009

Big Brother

Just ran across this website

that asks the faithful Americans to submit a email to if there is any disinformation or anything "fishy" being spread about the immaculate health care plan. Sounds like any opposing argument to the irreproachable health care plan must end. Apparently, freedom of speech has been qualified. You are free to argue against anything except the stimulus plan, the federal deficit, the federal bailouts, man-made global warming, and health care reform. Is this clear?

As a good American citizen, I felt inclined to turn myself in. I wrote a blog a two weeks ago that argued against health care reform. It seemed "fishy". So I emailed with the following:

To Whom it My Concern,

I am not sure if I am spreading disinformation, but I would like to submit my own blog as a candidate because it opposes health care reform.

Please respond with any feedback as to whether this is disinformation or "fishy".

Matthew Becker

I have not received a response yet, but I will give an update as soon as I receive one. Who knows what will come of this? I might be "red flagged" as an "enemy of the state" or I may just happen to disappear for no apparent reason.


Otto said...

I got your back, Matt! If you disappear, I'll be sure to blog about it and let the world know.
Seriously, thought, it would have been nice if the Gov. would have stated a reason why they wanted the 'fishy' links. Is it for debate, or more sinister purposes? -Otto

Ben and Carley Martin said...

Thats funny, you should look at this video clip from the Glenn Beck show...not only will they watch you, they will track your every move.

phat said...

Interesting link Ben and Carley...Rachael and I are contemplating doing the cash for clunkers program. Having second thoughts.